Monthly Archives: March 2016

Climate change “has fundamentally altered French wine harvests”

The above makes a worrying headline on a few days ago. The news, they say, comes according to NASA and Harvard. According to Dana Nigro, writing on the site: "After looking at more than 400 years of harvest and climate data from France and Switzerland, researchers from Harvard University and NASA have concluded that…
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Five questions about sustainable wine for Monty Waldin, wine writer

After our recent sustainable drinks conference in London on March 15, where Monty and Chris Scott (recent podcast/post on that here) had a spirited debate about sustainable wine and particularly organics and biodynamics, I sent Monty a few questions for the blog. His responses are below. Well worth a read, given he is one of…
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The ethics of “conflict wine”

In my main area of occupation, (aside from obsessing about wine) I've seen increasing numbers of 'things' labelled as 'conflict' in the last 15 years. It began with conflict minerals, firstly diamonds and then key ingredients of the electronics industry like Tantalum, Cobalt, Cassiterite and other rare/difficult to find minerals. (The move "Blood Diamond" focused…
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