Monthly Archives: February 2018

El Grifo, great photos of a Lanzarote vineyard

"Against the odds" is one of the first few words you see on the El Grifo website. And they are not kidding. It's fair to say their vineyard faces some challenging conditions. A friend of mine visited Lanzarote recently and sent this pictures. Water is a big sustainability challenge for the vineyard, looking at their…
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How to make a simple business case for biodynamic farming practices

I spend a lot of time talking to people about sustainability, as that's my job. Aside from this blog I work with my colleagues at Innovation Forum on how bigger companies can approach sustainable business practices and make them part of how they work every day. I was chatting with someone today about how we…
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Vineyard land prices in France, 2015

Here's an interesting chart from AAWE, the American Association of Wine Economics, on vineyard land prices in France from a few years back. It perhaps has more to do with economic than environmental sustainability but I still thought it was worth posting. Thanks to Elizabeth Gabay, for posting this on her blog, here.      …
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