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What does sustainability mean in Montalcino?

Q&A with Cristina Mariani-May, family proprietor of Castello Banfi estate in Montalcino and president and CEO of Banfi Vintners. Agatha Pereira recently interviewed her at the Climate Change Leadership conference in Porto, Portugal. AP: Everyone's talking about sustainability in wine these days but definitions vary a lot. What is your definition? CMM: My definition is really to be…
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The science of soil sustainability and wine (in South Africa)

Q&A with Heinrich Schloms, interview by Agatha Pereira Heinrich Schloms is a soil scientist at the department of agriculture at Western Cape in South Africa. Agatha recently interviewed him at the Climate Change Leadership conference in Porto, Portugal. AP: What is your definition of sustainability in the wine industry? HS: Sustainability is when you give…
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Morgane Fleury on making Champagne sustainable

I recently met with the delightful and charming Morgane Fleury in London. We spent half an hour or so discussing sustainable champagne. How you define it, how you make it, and how you can sell it at 22-25 Euros a bottle and still make a living. She and her family are biodynamic and sustainable pioneers…
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