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‘Forgotten grapes’ and sustainable winemaking at Gravner in Friuli

Lots has been written about the wines of Gravner, and I won't try to repeat that here. For good short histories of this cult vineyard on the Italian / Slovenian border, where Josko Gravner makes innovative and intriguing wines focused now entirely on local varieties, you can't do much better than taking a look at…
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Lovely, affordable sustainable wine from Friuli: Radical methods from, er, Radikon

Radikon is apparently a name well known amongst discerning, sustainably-minded winemakers and appreciators. I discovered it today at lunch in a lovely restaurant in Ventimiglia, on the border with France, called Il Giardino del Gusto. Having eaten there today if someone had told me it had a Michelin star I probably wouldn't have been surprised.  Browsing…
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