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Andrea Felluga on the wines of Friuli, changing weather and sustainability

Here's an interview with Andrea Felluga, a leading winemaker in north east Italy for his family business Livio Felluga. We talked about the wines they make at Livio Felluga, the weather, the 2017 harvest, what sustainable wine actually means, climate change and adaptation (old vines adapt much better to volatile weather, he says) and his views…
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‘Forgotten grapes’ and sustainable winemaking at Gravner in Friuli

Lots has been written about the wines of Gravner, and I won't try to repeat that here. For good short histories of this cult vineyard on the Italian / Slovenian border, where Josko Gravner makes innovative and intriguing wines focused now entirely on local varieties, you can't do much better than taking a look at…
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Lovely, affordable sustainable wine from Friuli: Radical methods from, er, Radikon

Radikon is apparently a name well known amongst discerning, sustainably-minded winemakers and appreciators. I discovered it today at lunch in a lovely restaurant in Ventimiglia, on the border with France, called Il Giardino del Gusto. Having eaten there today if someone had told me it had a Michelin star I probably wouldn't have been surprised.  Browsing…
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