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Sustainable winemaking at Claiborne & Churchill, Edna Valley, California

Back in June this year I was lucky enough to meet a few more wine folks in California and record a few interviews about the history of wine in the region in modern times, how approaches have evolved and sustainability issues. Meeting Clay Thompson and Fredericka Churchill Thompson of Claiborne & Churchill for a tasting, tour and…
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Three ways the wine industry can become more sustainable

A writer penning a piece on sustainable wine asked me for some thoughts on what the wine industry can do to be more sustainable. Here's my list of three below. There's a lot more one could say about these, and other issues, of course, but I wanted to keep it fairly short. So here's my…
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La Bastide Blanche, biodynamic Bandol that’s truly worth exploring

Like many other properties in Bandol, there's not much about La Bastide Blanche in English on the web. That's a real shame given the quality of the wines and the biodynamic/organic approach that Stephane Bourret takes in making superb reds and some rose wines. I visited with a friend, last month and Stephane, like so many Bandol…
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