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How sustainability practices in wine offer useful insights to others

Josh Prigge, CEO of Sustridge and most recently sustainability head at Fetzer Vineyards, says there's no doubt that studying sustainable wine has benefits for other business sectors. Josh has spoken at a couple of Innovation Forum conferences in the last few years. I found what he had to say highly interesting, and I was curious about the…
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More on sulphur in wine, now the negatives

Following up from the last post, here's the counter-point to the summary I added in the previous post about sulphur from the Berry Brothers and Rudd blog, from the same source. Again in quote and bullet point form, the author argues against using any more sulphur in wine, than naturally occurs. Here are his counter…
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A few myths about sulphur

[caption id="attachment_231" align="alignright" width="250"] Sulphur, in all its glory[/caption] The blog run by wine merchants Berry Brothers & Rudd is often a useful source of insight into various aspects of the wine sector. They are hosting some different perspectives on the blog around sustainable/natural/organic wine at the moment. Here's one in particular that I thought…
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