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How sustainability practices in wine offer useful insights to others

Josh Prigge, CEO of Sustridge and most recently sustainability head at Fetzer Vineyards, says there's no doubt that studying sustainable wine has benefits for other business sectors. Josh has spoken at a couple of Innovation Forum conferences in the last few years. I found what he had to say highly interesting, and I was curious about the…
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Being sustainable “pays off”, apparently

It seems like a misnomer in many ways. The idea that being more sustainable pays. Of course it must, or your organisation, or winery, won't be around in 5, 10, 20 years time. But in a narrower context, the question about how environmental and social improvement to business operations contribute to the bottom line, and…
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Sustainable wine market trends

Here's a recent Q&A I did with Rostislav Petrov of Clos & Cru fine wine and champagne merchants in London. I asked Rosti for his views on what sustainability means in wine, and some of the trends taking hold. TW: What’s your story with regard to wine, how did you get into the trade? RP: In the…
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